11th Aug 2016

Gemini Combo System

Gemini – The Ultimate in Salt Water Management The Gemini System is a fully-controlled salt water management system.  Pool water sanitiser and pH levels are continually analysed by the Gemini...

06th May 2016

SG Series – Mineral Salt Chlorinators

  If you prefer a salt water pool, the Saltigem will use salt dissolved in the water to keep your pool clean and safe – and requires only half the...

06th Aug 2016

Chemigem D10P Dual Pump

The Chemigem measures water quality and adds chemicals to ensure that your pool is clean and safe to swim in.  With a Chemigem, the “hit and miss” methods of dosing...

06th Aug 2016

Chemigem Commercial Controllers

  The Chemigem CM55 can be teamed with a variety of dosing methods to ensure your aquatic facility meets all applicable health regulations.  Pool Controls has recently introduced new pulse pumps that...

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