Quality Product & Service – 7m x 3m Slimline

I was sceptical at first, how can you install a pool yourself and save so much money, surely it’s difficult as other pool companies charge so much? After speaking with Robert I was pretty convinced I could do it. Robert advised on the steps, and at first I was certain there must be more, but after going through them, filling out the paperwork and applying to the shire I had the go ahead. I was confused at first, what else, what more? No, that’s it, line up the installer, tell Robert when you want the pool delivered (the installer will tell you when he needs it!), and in no time at all there’s a pool in your back garden and you have just saved yourself over $7000!!

And when the equipment was sent before the pool went in; wow, the quality, I was already under the assumption I’d have cheap equipment from China, ready to upgrade it in 2 years or when it dies, but no, it’s quality. Every piece. My sister and parents recently had pools installed through different companies, and their equipment and install isn’t as good as mine.

It’s easy, it’s cheap. Ask robert for my email and I’ll tell you myself.


Dax Champion Lakes, Perth WA April 27, 2017

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